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The fishing bait is any substance that is utilized to tempt and catch the fish, which can be affixed inside the fish trap, or at the end of a fishing hook. Bait proves to be highly effective at deluding the fish and making it believe that there are no traps. Besides, these baits are also very cost-effective for the fishermen, specifically when they decide to catch baitfish.

Usually, different types of insects and earthworms are used for smaller fishing baiting purposes. Anglers have been utilizing plastic baits, while nowadays electronic baits are also applied to attract fish. Nevertheless, among the best types of freshwater fishing baits used are the leeches, crayfish, minnows, grasshoppers, and crickets. Besides, some of the great seawater baits used in fishing are crabs, eels, mussels, clams, chicken livers, slices of squids, shrimp, and more, which are viewed by fish as natural food.

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